Children's Dentistry

What is Children's Dentistry?

Everyone remembers the very first time they visited the dentist, hopefully it was a pleasant experience. Here at Beacon Hill Dental Centre we are totally aware of what children go through because we love treating families and they love coming here too.

Dr. Hamamy remembers his childhood visits to the dentist, unfortunately some were and some were not so pleasant, but he understood the important role a dentist plays in maintaining oral-health. Many years later in dental school, he realized that many dental and oral-health issues are preventable. As a practicing dentist here in Burlington, he dedicated Beacon Hill Dental Centre’s focus on achieving great oral-health utilizing preventative measures.

We understand that when it comes to dentistry children are not just little adults. Sometimes they do better because they do not have previous bad experiences and sometimes they feel strange to the entire dental experience. Here at Beacon Hill dental centre we focus on prevention, we believe it all starts with the parents and their education about oral health.

When does your child need Children's Dentistry?

First child visits should be scheduled just after the first tooth erupts, this is usually at 6-12 months of age. We don’t expect to get any dental treatment done at this point, this is a quick appointment to get the children familiar with dental office environments and for us to provide the parents with some tips and tricks to get their children dental health on the right track. 

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The Dentist Tells The Child About Oral Hygiene And Shows An Artificial Jaw And Toothbrush

What can your child expect during a typical Children's Dentistry visit?

If your child does need to come in for treatment, we have created a welcoming environment, with children books, toys, Xbox area and television with children programs. We usually start with an assessment appointment and with the hygienist then discuss treatment options with you and arrive at a plan together. 


We would love to see you and your children, whether you’re ready to schedule and appointment or you’re interested in learning more about our pediatric procedures, please request an appointment or call us today!