Cleanings and Oral Hygiene

Regular Check-Ups

We start the denture process by taking impressions of both your gums and teeth. We then send these impressions to a local lab where your new appliance is created for you. You will come back in after roughly two weeks so that the denture can be placed. You will need to remove the denture nightly to keep it looking its best and to clean it properly. Most dentures are able to last for about seven years or longer depending on how well they are cared for during that time and how rough you are when wearing the prosthetic. 

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Oral Hygiene and Cleanings

Here at Beacon Hill Dental Centre  we love doing cleanings for our patients, we love it so much we’ve become really good at it! Just like everything else that we do, we deliver a high level of care during your hygiene appointment and check up! As a bonus we provide you with the knowledge on how to properly brush, floss, and take good care of your teeth when you’re home, we give you tips on which toothbrushes are most effective and which foods to limit to maintain health with your teeth.

Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores also known as cankers are no fun. They are painful, they look bad and the timing is always terrible. They usually resolve in one to two weeks depending on how severe they are. Usually ointments are applied to treat cold sores, but they don’t  shorten the length and severity of the canker. Lasers have been found to be extremely effective at treating cold sores and reducing its time length and pain. 

It is important for the laser treatment to be provided in the initial stages of the cold sore (when it starts to itch and swell). This treatment is provided at our office quickly in one appointment and no pain or numbness is needed. If you feel that you are getting a cold sore or a canker give us a call so we can treat it for you. It is worth mentioning that usually when cold sores or cankers are treated early enough with a laser, they have a decreased chance of recurrence at that same location.

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