What are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a type of tooth restoration that is fabricated to cover the entire tooth. It is made specifically for the tooth being treated at the lab or at an in-office milling machine, then it is cemented on. Crowns are needed when large fillings are breaking down, or there is a large part of the original tooth missing or compromised. They can also be used on front teeth to improve your smile. 

Why would a Dental Crown be needed?

Dental crowns are needed for a variety of different reasons. The goal of a dental crown is to improve both the functionality and appearance of teeth. Some reasons you’d need a crown include: 

  • A tooth has been cracked, broken or fractured 
  • You’ve recently had a root canal 
  • A tooth is severely sensitive because of enamel lose or root exposure
  • A tooth has a large filling in it that’s compromising its structural integrity 
  • You’ve experienced oral or facial trauma 
what are dental crowns
good candidate for a dental crown

Who is a good candidate for a Dental Crown?

To determine if a dental crown is necessary, we will perform an examination and assess the functionality and appearance of teeth . In some cases, older crowns need to be replaced and can be easily removed before a new restoration is placed. Most patients who need a crown can and should have the procedure done as soon as possible. If you’re having a root canal performed, we’ll often recommend coming in shortly after to have a crown placed over the tooth. 

What happens during the Dental Crown procedure?

We will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area completely. We then work to prepare the tooth so that there is room for the crown to be placed. Impressions allow us to carefully create the new crown just for you. We then have you come back in for a second short visit so that the permanent crown can be placed. Slight adjustments might be needed to the crown so that it fits and feels completely natural and blends in well with your existing smile. 

If you think you might benefit from having a crown, request an appointment or call us today!