Financial Information

At Beacon Hill Dental Centre in Burlington, we promote the importance of a healthy smile and are committed to working with you to achieve your dream smile.

Our treatment coordinator will be happy to meet with you after your complete comprehensive exam and together you both will develop a plan to successfully accomplish your healthy smile.

Aside from charging the current suggested fee guide set by the province of Ontario, below are some options we have adopted to help make dental treatments convenient and affordable.

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Financial Options

As a free of charge service (when your insurance policy allows), our business administrators will file, mail and bill services rendered directly to your dental insurance provider. We will wait for payment from your insurance carrier as oppose to having you pay for the services upfront. This means you will only be responsible to pay the balance that your insurance benefits do not cover.

If you would like us to bill directly to insurance on your behalf, please provide us the following information prior to your first visit:

  Name of Insurance Company

  Subscriber’s Full Name

  Policy and Subscriber ID number

  Subscriber Date of Birth

  Subscriber’s Full Address

All insurance companies consider dental offices a third party vendor, and they are not obligated to release or update our dental office on your policy information; therefore, it will be your responsibility to let us know of any changes to your policy.

Additionally, dental insurance is a monetary benefit provided by your employer to help you pay for routine dental services. Your policy is usually determined by your employer after reviewing the costs of premiums and not your oral health needs. Most dental insurance benefits do not cover the full cost of treatment, you are encouraged to bring us your dental coverage booklet, in order to help you maximize your benefits and give you a more accurate estimate.

Our dentists are committed and have taken oath to take care of your oral health, and will diagnose treatment based on your dental health needs not your dental coverage.

To assist you in taking care of your dental health needs, we offer monthly payment plans with no annual fees, setup costs, or prepayment penalties, and payments could be spread over 3 months. Please call 905-336-2496 for more information.

We have partnered with PayBright that make it possible for you to receive the healthcare treatments and services you want and need without delays. You could select your ideal monthly payment plans and get a real-time decision. Payment plans could range from 3 – 60 months. Please book a consult with our treatment co-ordinator for more information