How Long Do the Effects of Sedation Last?

Sedation can help to relax you during your dental visit. It’s often recommended to anxious patients or those undergoing invasive treatment. If you’ve never had sedation administered before, you may be curious as to how long the effects will last. Knowing how long the effects last can help in planning out your day around your dental appointment.

How Long Does Nitrous Last?

Nitrous, which is often referred to as laughing gas, is often used to relax anxious patients during their procedures. It is administered through a small nose mask and breathed in normally. The effects of nitrous can often be felt within one to two minutes, and these same effects disappear shortly after the mask is removed. For this reason, in order for nitrous to be effective, you’ll wear the nose mask for as long as it’s needed.

Sedation Can Help To
The Effects Of Local Anesthetic

How Long Does IV Sedation Last?

IV sedation works quickly, with most people falling asleep in roughly 15 to 30 minutes after it’s been administered. Once the IV sedation is removed, you will begin to wake up in about 20 minutes and be fully recovered from all sedative effects within six hours. For IV sedation, we will bring you to a recovery room after treatment to ensure you have adequate time to wake up. It’s important to have a friend or relative bring you home from the appointment and to cancel any plans for the majority of the rest of the day.

How Long Does Local Anesthetic Last?

The effects of local anesthetic typically last for anywhere from four to six hours, though you may still feel some numbness and tingling for up to 24 hours after the procedure has been completed. It is often safe to eat and chew after a few hours and once you begin to regain feeling in your lips and mouth. If you’re still experiencing numbness in the area days after the procedure is complete, it’s important to be seen by the doctor.

Sedation effects are typically short-term and are beneficial in that they help improve your comfort during dental procedures. Because there are many different types of sedatives available, we welcome you to come in for a consultation to determine which one is right for you. If you have any questions concerning sedation, we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about your sedation options, call us today and we can schedule an appointment for you to come in.

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