New Patient Information

We strive to deliver the best patient experience, clinical outcome and preventive measures for oral health. We recognize patients have different needs and desires and we will help you to get what you desire.

Some patients are looking to get treatment for a single tooth, in that case we usually schedule you in for a 15 minutes consultation (or a teledentistry consult) then an appointment to treat the issue.

In other cases , patients are interested in having a complete examination and a discussion and a report of the findings. This allows you to know what is going on in your mouth and helps you make educated decisions on what to do, the appointment is usually 1 hour. In both cases we will share with you the condition(s) and consequences of no treatment, and of course the treatment options you have.

Please use the tools that we’ve provided on this website to book your appointment. A good start would be to fill out a “Request An Appointment” form in the contract us section. We will get in touch with you to book an appointment that fits your needs. Then we will send you secure forms that you can compete and submit to reduce the paper work at the office. We might schedule you for a virtual teledentistry consultation with one of our dentists first.

Feel free to use the chat feature, available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. You can always call us during business hours and we will help you get started in achieving what you need and desire with your oral health.