Technology at Beacon Hill Dental Centre

Here at Beacon Hill Dental Centre we continuously update and upgrade our clinic to improve your dental experience, check back here as we add new technologies and evolve to serve you better:
  • Intraoral cameras – allowing our patients to see what we see.
  • Digital X-rays – Immediate image capture and display and up to 90% less radiation.
  • Paperless office – reducing our environmental footprint and lower cross-contamination. 
  • Text messaging and Teledentistry – making communication easier.
  • Televisions with NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Kidzone with Xbox – making your dental visit more enjoyable.
  • Electric handpieces and LED overhead lights – lessens the dreaded sounds of a dental office drill and improves our vision. 
  • Dental Laser – less trauma in soft tissue treatments and innovative solutions to annoying problems like cold sores.
  • Surgically Clean Air – medical grade high efficiency air purification system.
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